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The Founding Principal of Citizens of the World – DC Public Charter School (CWCDC) is a visionary instructional leader who will create an engaging, joyful, academically rigorous learning environment built on our fundamentals of academic excellence, community, and diversity. S/he will have a sophisticated understanding of and experience with a constructivist approach, balanced-literacy, multiple intelligence theory, backward design, the creation of project-based curriculum, and building and/or working in diverse communities.

The principal will create and maintain a school culture that challenges and motivates our diverse students, teachers, and families to achieve academic excellence, develop as people, embrace the rich diversity of the school community, and positively impact the communities in which they live. S/he will have a commitment to the educational philosophy of our school and organization, which includes a constructivist approach, a commitment to social and emotional learning and a belief that we are better and stronger because of our differences.

The CWCDC Founding Principal will embrace the change and growth that comes with founding a new school. S/he will collaborate closely with the Founding Executive Director, Citizens of the World Charter Schools (CWCS) national network staff, and the CWCDC Board of Directors. CWCDC plans to submit a charter application to DC Public Charter School Board (PCSB) in the spring of 2018 proposing a fall of 2019 opening. The Founding Principal will play a vital role in launching and enrolling a PK3 to Kindergarten school with 124 students and growing the school to its full capacity.

This is a full-time position located in Washington, DC. For more information on Citizens of the World Charter Schools, please visit

Candidate Profile

Candidates will be responsible for the following:

Academics and Instruction

Guides instructional staff to improve teaching and learning by providing teacher support and designing professional development. Ensures that all students are learning and we continually address and work to eliminate any and all gaps in academic performance between subgroups.

  • Provides instructional leadership, coaching, and support to teachers who are working with a diverse student body.
  • Identifies and incorporates helpful curricular materials and supports that are aligned with CWC Schools approach.
  • Ensures the use of a wide array of assessments that, together, reflect the educational philosophy of CWC Schools and prepare students to excel on multiple measures, including standardized measures.
  • Uses multiple sources of data to develop a plan for the ongoing improvement of student achievement.


Defines, models and builds a transformative school culture consistent with CWC Schools purpose, mission, core values and operating. Manages student discipline; and promote social emotional learning and assessment as part of the school’s culture.


Recruits, hires, manages and develops the school’s leadership and instructional teams, as well as operational and support staff.

  • Builds a culture of self-reflection, relentless self-improvement and adaptive leadership for all school staff.
  • Recruits and hires diverse mission-aligned, qualified instructional and operational staff.
  • Manages the staff performance review and compensation review processes.
  • Maintains a focus on mission-aligned, student-focused decision making.
  • Ensures on-going design and implementation of staff professional development.



  • Establishes and maintains strong relationships with teachers, students, parents, and community members.
  • Ensures that all members of the school community are engaged and valued.
  • Communicates the school’s vision and goals in a way that ensures understanding and commitment from a racially, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse community of parents, students, faculty, staff, and board members.
  • Oversees the development and implementation of varied forms of communication with families.
  • Maintains positive relationships with PCSB, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education and other charter organizations, serving as an active leader in the Washington D.C. charter community by learning from others and sharing CWCDC’s best practices.

Team Management and Development

  • Recruit, hire, manage, and develop the regional leadership team and the schools’ principals, ensuring that hires are mission-aligned, qualified instructional and operational staff.
  • Advise and support principals on hiring other school-based instructional and operational leaders, as well as specialized support staff.
  • Build a culture of relentless self-improvement and adaptive leadership among the entire school.
  • Operationalize CWC’s performance management system for the regional team and all school-based leaders.
  • Address staff concerns urgently and with mission-aligned, student-focused responses.
  • Ensure ongoing design and implementation of staff professional development.


  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders, including CWCS, Board of Trustees, funding community, school-based leaders and staff, CWC DC parents, and community members.
  • Serve as the public face of CWC and seek to increase awareness of CWC’s mission and vision.
  • Develop a strong, engaged, and active Board in close partnership with the board chair and committee leaders.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are engaged in service of the mission and feel valued in their work.
  • Communicate the schools’ vision and goals in a way that ensures understanding and commitment from a racially, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse community of parents, students, faculty, staff, and board members.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of varied forms of communication with CWC DC families.
  • Maintain positive relationships with local and national advocates and charter organizations; serve as an active leader in the charter community, learning from others and sharing CWC School’s best practices.

Operations, Finances, and Compliance

Ensures compliant, effective, and efficient school-based operations that support an academically high- performing school environment.

  • Manages and supports school operations staff.
  • Reports on activities, organizational development progress, compliance requirements, and student achievement to the Executive Director, CWCDC Board of Directors, PCSB, and other applicable state and federal reporting agencies.
  • Works with the Executive Director to draft and monitor the school’s budget and ensure daily financial and business activities are compliant with the school’s fiscal policies.
  • Ensures school alignment with organizational goals for diversity.

Staff and Reporting Relationship
The principal shall formally report to the Executive Director. S/he will work closely with other stakeholders, including CWCDC’s Board of Directors, PCSB, and CWC Schools.

Qualifications and Traits

Candidates must have:

  • A clear record of elevating student achievement in an academically high-achieving classroom for at least two years, with a strong understanding of pedagogy that drives results or of exceptional leadership working with young people in urban communities.
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited, four-year university; Master’s degree or PhD in education preferred by not required.
  • An Administrative Services Credential preferred by not required.
  • At least two (2) years of teaching experience, with demonstrated student results.
  • Experience working in a mixed socio-economic school (SES) preferred.
  • Fluency in Spanish desired but not required.

The Principal must:

  • Be aligned with the philosophy and mission of the school and organization.
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and be capable of managing many complex tasks with competing priorities.
  • Possess strong leadership, team management and community building skills.
  • Possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Be organized and self-managed, and be able to handle many responsibilities simultaneously.
  • Have excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Be committed to building a community of collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders.
  • Be a self-aware leader who knows how to treat all members of the school’s community with respect, appraises accurately his or her strengths and weaknesses, and is perceptive about how he or she is regarded.
  • Be dependable and have excellent follow-through.
  • Maintain strong personal commitment to ongoing learning and growth.
  • Be an effective and persuasive communicator, orally and in writing.

Compensation and Benefits

CWC offers competitive salaries commensurate with experience and a comprehensive benefits package. CWCS and CWC Washington, DC are separate 501c3 organizations and are Equal Opportunity Employers. As an organization that values diversity and aims to serve a diverse group of students, we work to reflect this diversity in our staff as well.


Please email a cover letter and resume to with the email subject line title: “CWCDC Founding Principal Application”.

About Citizens of the World Charter Schools

Our purpose at Citizens of the World Charter Schools is to realize human potential by strengthening the bonds among us and developing true citizens of the world. In this work, we are guided by our core values of Excellence, Authenticity, Diversity, Community, and Change and our operating norms, which reflect a commitment to personal and professional growth, including operating as learners, and with curiosity, integrity, and humility.

The mission of Citizens of the World Charter Schools is to impact and expand the conversation about what an excellent education contains, requires, and accomplishes. Citizens of the World schools challenge students to realize their full potential and thrive in a diverse society.

We are tuition-free schools open to all, committed to serving diverse communities throughout the US, with schools currently in Los Angeles and New York, and soon, Kansas City and Washington, DC. We develop sophisticated thinkers who master content and have a courageous and compassionate sense of responsibility for themselves and all people. Our schools are in strong demand: in 2015, we had ten times more student interest than space available. Our classrooms are challenging and joyful learning environments that engage children through projects tailored to their personal experiences, strengths, and needs.

Our teachers take the time to get to know each child as an individual. We empower children to think critically and learn to engage respectfully and productively with fellow students by developing their capacity to enter into and understand the lives of others. Our goal is for student “success” to include mastery of both content and emotions, so that students can meaningfully connect with each other, be part of any community, and courageously decide who they are in the world and how they want the world to be.

In this work, we:

  • Prepare students to become citizens of the world in an ever-changing future.
  • Promote academic rigor and experiential learning to support and develop children’s natural intellectual curiosity.
  • Embrace a constructivist, project-based learning approach.
  • Develop each child’s potential to live as a learner, both in school and out.
  • Reflect, welcome, and celebrate the community’s diversity.
  • Strengthen the bonds among members of the school community and beyond.


To apply for this job email your details to

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