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What are the Communities of Practice offerings for the 23-24 school year? Read below to meet one facilitator team. For more updates, visit our CoP page.

Emily Vandehey – Prospect Schools

Jon McIntosh -Equitable Facilitaties Fund

Meet your 23-24 CoP Facilitators

Jon McIntosh served as the Chief Academic and Schools Officer at Prospect Schools for six years, spearheading academic program design (k-12) and professional development to ensure that all students were equitably served the organization’s diverse by design context.  Currently, Jon serves as a Principal, School Quality at the Equitable Facilities Fund.

Emily Vandehey has been a network academic leader at Prospect Schools, an elementary head of academics and educator. Her career involves a deep understanding of elementary literacy, and how to ensure that programming and supports are effectively designed and implemented at the elementary level.

CoP Overview

Beyond the Basics: Transforming Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners and Students of Color is a groundbreaking professional development series designed to empower educators to create more inclusive and equitable learning environments for diverse student populations. By exploring strategies and best practices tailored for English Language Learners and students of color, this series aims to drive transformative change in literacy instruction in Title 1 schools.

Target Audience: Elementary Classroom Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Instructional Leaders

Beyond the Basics: Transforming Literacy Instruction will be meeting at the following dates and times for 23-24 School Year (all ET). Unless noted all meetings are held virtually on Zoom.

  • October 12 2pm
  • November 9 4:30 -6pm ET
  • December 14 4:30 -6pm ET
  • January 31 and Feb 1 (in person at The California Endowment – Los Angeles, CA)
  • February 15 4:30 -6pm ET
  • March 14 4:30 – 6pm ET
  • April 18 4:30pm ET
  • May 9 4:30 -6pm ET
  • May 30 (CoP WRAP Party)  3 – 4:30pm ET
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