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See what Kevin and Ron’s group developed at the end of 2020–2021 in our more updated blog post!

Kevin Bryant and Ron Rapatalo are both Principals from Edgility Consulting. They will co-facilitate one of DCSC’s Communities of Practice on hiring education leaders of color throughout COVID-19 and beyond

Meet the facilitators!

Kevin Bryant and Ron Rapatalo are coming to us from Edgility Consulting, a national executive search firm. Between the two of them, they have decades of recruitment and outreach experience in schools and nonprofits, shepherding talent to fill hundreds of roles. Additional details on their backgrounds are available on their CoP 1-pager. Beyond their brief bios, we got to know them both a bit better in the following conversation about the Community of Practice group for the 2020-2021 year!

Why this topic? Why now?

Whether we like it or not, we’ve all been forced to deal with remote work in the education sector. As a leader, how will you disrupt bias in your current recruitment and selection process while remaining competitive in a virtual hiring environment? In our work together leading anti-bias programs and professional development sessions with principals and educators, we’ve reflected very much on our lived experiences as cishetero men of Filipino American and Black American heritage. Not many people who look like us are involved in executive searches, so we get to offer our lived experiences from cross-racial settings and in prestigious education organizations. It all adds value to how we can guide folks in making real-time informed decisions on talent.

What do you hope to gain from working with DCSC members?

We’re excited about the actionable takeaways from our sessions that folks can quickly implement on their own campus, and what kinds of returns we’ll observe throughout the year. In our space, folks don’t always have expansive infrastructure to strategically build out detailed hiring and retention plans. We know that talent recruitment and hiring can be very time consuming, especially for school leaders—folks who often have way more than just “talent” on their plate. Getting teachers and leaders of color in the classroom is hard work, and our group provides the chance to drive the work forward from month to month. 

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