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Compass Charter School is a safe and nurturing educational environment that honors the individuality of each learner. By engaging in a process of inquiry, our graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills to lead fulfilling personal and professional lives, including a developed sense of self, the ability to think in innovative and flexible ways, and the inspiration to make a positive impact on their community.


Compass Charter School is an intentionally diverse, inquiry-based, and progressive elementary school that opened in the fall of 2014 in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. We serve children from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.


Compass Charter School is seeking committed educators to join our team. Classroom Co-teachers will work in collaboration with a Special Education Co-teacher in each of our Integrated Co-Teaching classrooms. Co-teachers use a looping model and work with the same group of students for two consecutive school years.

Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree preferred
3 or more years of relevant teaching experience preferred
New York State Teacher Certification (Early Childhood, Childhood, and/or Special Education)
Educational philosophy aligns with the mission and vision of Compass
Previous success in raising academic achievement of students within an urban community
Reflective practitioner in a state of constant professional growth and a willingness to share their craft with others
Has own passions and interests
Commitment to integrating sustainability and the arts into core curricular subjects
Knowledge of the school neighborhood preferred
Experience with co-teaching preferred
Experience working with children with special needs in an Integrated Co-teaching classroom preferred
Experience planning and teaching interdisciplinary units of study preferred.
Commitment to and/or knowledge of experiential and inquiry-based teaching and learning
Commitment to diverse learning environments
Strong interpersonal skills
Strong written and oral communication skills
Experience collaborating with children, families, colleagues, and administrators



Collaborate with co-teacher, coordinators, and Directors of Curriculum and Instruction to provide high-quality, relevant instruction to all children
Actively participate in a professional learning community, including professional literature circles, peer coaching, reflection meetings, planning meetings, data meetings, and staff meetings
Use a variety of assessments to measure student learning and drive instruction
Use student performance data to tailor and differentiate curriculum to individual students and to determine small groupings and modifications
Collaboratively plan interdisciplinary units of study with grade level teams, specialists, coordinators, and Directors of Curriculum and Instruction
Commit to working with one class of students for two consecutive years and with one co-teacher for two consecutive years (looping)
Actively participate in the school’s decision-making process
Regularly communicate with families, students, and community partners through phone, face-to-face conversation, or email
Integrate the real world and surrounding community into units of study, lessons, and classroom culture
Maintain positive relationships with students, families, and colleagues
Maintain confidentiality with student information and records
Create a positive and safe classroom culture and community
Teach intervention groups as needed for Response to Intervention program

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