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What are the Communities of Practice offerings for the 22-23 school year? Read below to meet one facilitator team. For more updates, visit our CoP page.

Wendell Cheung and Kim Raccio, Brooklyn Prospect High School

Meet your 22-23 CoP Facilitators

Kim Raccio (Principal at BPHS) and Wendell Cheung (Deputy Principal & Director of Instruction at BPHS) are school leaders at Prospect Schools, a non-selective IB-for-all charter school located in Brooklyn, NY. As a team, the two have led their school community through equity-centered practices — focused on expanding access and pathways for all students to be successful in International Baccalaureate classes.

Both are actively committed to creating a rigorous yet supportive college-preparatory program for our diverse student body through tight-loop coaching to grow their educators. In leading their school, Kim and Wendell have led their educators to become champions in DEIJ and anti-racist practices, with a core focus on identifying systems and processes to simultaneously support needs school-wide and with individual students.

CoP Overview

The use of data in education is often utilized in silos and decontextualized within our school community. In our Community of Practice, we aim to bring participants together to assess our personal relation to data and how we leverage data within our communities to achieve equity. In our CoP, we will discuss ways to bring key stakeholders together in ‘collaborative teams’ to hold racial equity-centered results-based accountability’ conversations to drive equitable data practices that lead to action within each school community. Participants will have opportunities to learn structured protocols and identify ways to implement ‘team’ structures at their own school. Through collaboration, we aim to find ways that school leaders can improve equity of student outcomes within their school communities. See more about our work at here.

Dialogue as Disruption will be meeting at the following dates and times for 22-23 School Year (all ET). Unless noted all meetings are held virtually on Zoom.

  • October 12 2pm
  • November 15 4:45pm
  • December 13 4:45pm
  • January 25 and 26 (in person at Kauffman Center in Kansas City, MO)
  • February 14 4:45pm
  • March 14 4:45pm
  • April 18 4:45pm
  • May 16 4:45pm
  • June (TBD – final presentation of deliverable)
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