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Coalition Updates

Save the Date: 2018 DCSC Convening  (January 18th to January 19th)
We are excited to bring together our community of diverse charter schools again to share ideas and build capacity to advance diversity, equity, and excellence! This year, our focus and theme is Diversity and Cultural Competence: Fostering a More Equitable and Inclusive School Community.

Let us know if you anticipate joining us by completing this form for your school/organization.  The Coalition will again offer a travel stipend to member schools to facilitate attendance. Our convening is hosted by member school DSST and will take place Thursday, January 18th to Friday, January 19th in Denver, Colorado.  Interested in helping to shape the agenda? Join our planning committee!

Welcome New Board Members to the DCSC Board of Directors
We officially welcomed Andrea Arroyo and Heather Lamm to our Board of Directors at our annual board retreat in September. Andrea is the New Site Development and Community Engagement Director at Citizens of the World and Heather is the Director of Marketing and Communications at DSST Public Schools. Both networks are member schools.

Fellowship Program: Incubate Prospective Leaders of Diverse Charter Schools
In our last update, we shared information on the launch of Coalition’s Fellowship Program to prepare aspiring school leaders/founders to create and lead intentionally diverse charter schools. We’ve heard from a number of member schools interested in potentially hosting a Fellow. If you too have plans (or aspirations) to expand your school AND are you ready to train, mentor and supervise promising leaders of the diverse charters of tomorrow, get connected and reach out to Elsa Duré at

Each Coalition fellow will be matched with an exemplary member school to complete a residency, work alongside school leadership, and develop her/his own proposal for a new diverse charter. We are currently developing the program and will kick off officially in July 2018 for the 2018-2019 school year.

Citizens of the World Charter Schools is Expanding to Serve Washington, D.C. Families
Citizens of the World Charter Schools, the Citizens of the World DC (CWCDC) Board of Directors and Founding Group are excited to announce that they plan to apply to launch a joyful, high-performing, diverse school in Washington D.C.  If approved next spring, CWCDC plans to open in the fall of 2019!

To lead this work CWC Schools is searching for a Regional Executive Director and Principal. These exciting leadership roles offer:

  • The opportunity to join a dynamic national network that is focused on realizing human potential by strengthening the bonds among us and developing true citizens of the world.
  • The chance to lead and grow a region of public charter schools committed to academic excellence, diversity, and community.
  • The support of a strong, experienced regional Board of Directors and Founding Group.

Share this amazing opportunity with someone that may be a great fit!

From the Field: Take Action on DACA
As educators devoted to diversity and positive development, the fate of DACA has particular relevance and impact to our profession and students. Below are some resources on the importance of renewing the DACA deadline and how to promote it:

  • I am a DREAMer. Edy Pineda, Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy Senior, shares his experience as a DREAMer and the impact DACA has on his future.
  • The Opportunity Network resource guide. A collection of resources, events, and articles for DACA/Undocumented students.
  • Sign a Petition to Push Back the DACA Renewal Deadline. “Congress must deliver a clean Dream Act to provide legal protections for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants so cruelly impacted by the Trump administration’s decision to end the popular Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.”  Click here to sign the petition.
  • The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families has put together a one-page infographic that highlights the DACA renewal process and provides some sobering statistics.  In addition, they have created a one-page Dreamer Protection Call to Action with working links.  Please share with your communities. Both flyers are attached to this newsletter.

ICYMI: Teach Us All on Netflix
In honor of the 60th anniversary Little Rock Nine’s commitment to integrate Arkansas capital’s Central High School, Netflix has released the Teach Us All documentary. The documentary examines how the actions of the Little Rock Nine and others have impacted the state of segregation in the educational system today and tackles what one can do to halt the growing inequalities and segregation within schools.

Leaders of IntegrateNYC created a curriculum to accompany the film. “Student Movements for School Equity and Integration” is a year-long elective course designed for HS students to develop an understanding of the history of 20th and 21st century student leaders and movements for education reform in the United States.  As students learn about the history of historical movements, they will work to develop and elevate their own leadership so that they too can lead the movement for equal education today. The course can be aligned to Common Core ELA or Social Studies standards for credit.

Upcoming Conferences & Events

Stay Woke: The Inaugural National Black Male Educators Convening
October 13th at 4:00pm-October 15th at 12:00 pm in Philadelphia, PA

Equally as important as diversity within our classrooms, is diversity among the teachers and role models of those students. Today Black men represent only 2% of teachers nationwide. The Black Male Educators for Social Justice is hosting a conference that will raise awareness about the number of Black male educators and how they can positively impact the education of all students. This conference will include workshops and a variety of speakers that will give more information on the topic and professional development. The Coalition is a proud sponsor of the event.

A Struggle We Must Win: Advancing School Integration Through Activism, Youth Voice, & Policy Reform (National Coalition on School Diversity 4th Annual Conference)
October 19th to October 20th in New York, New York
The Coalition has two registrations available. Reach out to Elsa Duré if you’re interested in attending.

The NCSD 4th national conference will bring together 400+ parents, students, educators, researchers, advocates, activists, policymakers (from federal, state and local levels), and other supporters from across the country to discuss & strengthen strategies for reducing racial & socioeconomic isolation in PK-12 public schools. The 2017 conference focuses on empowering communities and the next generation of leaders.

The Diverse Charter Schools Coalition is proud to help sponsor the conference. Members Blackstone Valley Prep and Community Roots will facilitate workshops and Brooklyn Prospect will host a school visit on the 19th. Executive Director Sonia Park will also be participating in the plenary panel. See here for a full list of workshops + agenda. Today is also the last day sign up for a school visit — register today.

College Access Summit
October 28th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in Bronx, New York
Register online or by calling 1-866-432-9832

The Hispanic Federation is offering a day of workshops that will focus on the college application process, financial aid, and completing FAFSA and TAP for first-generation college attendants and their families. There will be Spanish interpreters available throughout the day and lunch will be provided.

News Roundup

Confronting the Myths of Segregation  by Tanvi Misra
City Lab — October 12, 2017

“Are Selectivity and Diversity Competing Goals for Teaching?” by Madeline Will
Education Week — October 4, 2017

“People of Color Aren’t Just Tokenized in Nonprofits, It Happens in Schools, Too” by Sharif El-Mekki
Philly’s 7th Ward — October 1, 2017

“Education isn’t the Key to a Good Income” by Rachel M. Cohen
The Atlantic — September 26, 2017

“What’s So Interesting About This Walton Pledge for NYC Charter Schools?” by L.S. Hall and David Callahan
Inside Philanthropy — September 26, 2017

“Go further, faster on school integration” by Sonia Park
NY Daily News — September 25, 2017

“How America’s Most Integrated School Segregated Again” by Mimi Kirk
City Lab — September 22, 2017

“Regular Public School Teachers Miss More School Than Charter Teachers, Study Finds” by Lianna Loewus
Education Week — September 20, 2017

“Can “Critical Consciousness” Close the Opportunity Gap?” by Sara Rimer
Boston University — September 14, 2017

“Why Are Charter Schools Missing from New York City’s School Diversity Plan?” By Halley Potter
The Century Foundation — September 13, 2017

“How Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School is Trying to Keep its Student Body Diverse” by Thomas Wheatley
Atlanta Magazine — September 2017

Research Brief: Equity Matters:  A Look at Educational Equity in New Orleans Public Schools
In order to tackle the issue of education inequality, one must first establish that there is an issue. The New Orleans Equity Index takes an in-depth look at the varying qualities of education offered within New Orleans Public Schools and what demographic of students receive that education. Through providing transparency and accountability with the current state of New Orleans Public School system, this report hopes to inspire informed and practical policy.

Career Opportunities

International Charter School of New York
Elementary Grade Teachers for 2017-2018 (multiple positions)

Citizens of the World Charter School (Washington, D.C.)
Founding Executive Director
Founding Principal

Montessori For All (Austin, TX)
Director of Strategic Projects

Valor Collegiate (Nashville, TN)
Founding High School Team (multiple positions)

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