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During the 22-23 school year, 78 participants from 28 DCSC member schools gathered in our Communities of Practice (CoP) to develop resources for the field of diverse-by-design education practitioners.  

Connect as leaders. Grow expertise. Bring justice to education.

Though schools around the country have launched conversations about equity, these conversations have largely not made their way to the board. Boards have the opportunity to set the conditions through policies, structures, and practices, that give space for equity to flourish.

In this COP, participants used an equity lens to examine board governance, community engagement, and academic oversight. They created an action plan that addresses their specific needs and allows their boards to move equity forward through board members’ spheres of influence.

Check out the provocative questions we asked ourselves, peruse the action plans we created, and use the blank template to begin your own journey.

Special Thank You

Thank you to members who contributed their time, expertise, and ideas to this CoP in 2022-2023:

  • Boston Collegiate Charter School
  • Capital City Public Charter School
  • Central Park School for Children
  • Citizens of the World – LA
  • Crossroads Charter Schools
  • DC International School
  • Downtown Denver Expeditionary
  • Liberty STEAM Charter School
  • Our World Neighborhood Charter Schools
  • Prospect Schools
  • Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School
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