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This past year, more than 70 participants from 21 DCSC member schools gathered in our Communities of Practice (CoP) to develop resources for the field of diverse-by-design education practitioners. We’ll be releasing each CoP’s artifacts throughout this month (See Part 3 here). Keep an eye out for next week’s edition!

Connect as leaders. Grow expertise. Bring justice to education.

Roots ConnectED is a national professional development organization committed to ensuring that each child recognizes the humanity in one another. Roots ConnectED’s Sahba Rohani and Allison Keil (also from DCSC member, Community Roots Charter School), worked closely with a group of diverse-by-design education leaders to develop practice in the anti-bias education framework to support their school sites. Prior to gathering as a DCSC Community of Practice, leaders from DCSC member schools attended one of Roots ConnectED’s multi-day institutes, so they were ready to hit the ground running in 2019–2020. As a deeply invested group of educators, members in this CoP committed to a second year after the pandemic outbreak derailed progress and planning during our program’s pilot year.

The presentation below details how each member school chose an area of focus within the anti-bias educational framework and developed tools and practices to meet the needs of their individual school sites. The Table of Contents on Slide 2 includes links to skip to a specific school team’s reflections. We hope education leaders can learn from the experiences of DCSC members, and that their cases offer further clarity in how both personal and collective transformation should work in a cyclical way to create equitable and just school communities.

Special Thank You

Thank you to members who contributed their time, expertise, and ideas to effectively implement anti-bias anti-racist education.

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