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DCSC has been in the region since 2017
Number of DCSC members: 3

Charter Law passed: 1998
Charter school students enrollment in St. Louis: 12,448

In promoting the diverse-by-design movement, DCSC seeks to grow its footprint of members of intentionally integrated schools in regions across the country.

As our first region spotlight, we want to highlight the work of members of the Coalition in St. Louis.

With the growth of the DCSC community, we look for schools that can learn from one another as well as contribute to the national movement.

Why St. Louis?

St. Louis has a history of grassroots organizing around charter schools, which was the case when parents founded the first DCSC member school in the region.

Since then, this region’s cluster of schools have interacted with one another through our UnifiED program with support from our partner The Opportunity Trust.


Atlas Public Schools

Atlas Public Schools will be opening for its first day on September 8th after having completed the UnifiED School Launch Fellowship with a residency at City Garden. DCSC’s ED, Sonia Park, is also delighted to sit on its board of directors.


In addition to City Garden Montessori School opening its new building, it is also continuing with its institute to prepare anti-biased, anti-racist (ABAR) Montessori educators in public school environments.

Kairos Academies will be hosting a UnifiED fellow this year as it goes into its third year. Kairos was recently featured on the TODAY Show for its approach to student mental health.

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