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This past year, more than 70 participants from 21 DCSC member schools gathered in our Communities of Practice (CoP) to develop resources for the field of diverse-by-design education practitioners. We’ll be releasing each CoP’s artifacts throughout this month (See Part 2 here). Keep an eye out for next week’s edition!

Connect as leaders. Grow expertise. Bring justice to education.

About a year ago, Aqua Stovall and A’Seret Dokubo discussed the urgency with which we must equip systems and practices in response to the psychological needs of students throughout a global pandemic. In order to avoid having “a lost generation of students falling through the cracks,” they led DCSC members through a Community of Practice and developed the slide deck of resources below.

Templates, guidelines, and tools are listed as external links in Slide 3. Additionally, the presentation below includes reflections and takeaways from what members experienced this past year, as they engaged with various trauma-informed approaches. We hope this guide strengthens the work of all PK–12 educators as we continue recovering from the anxiety that accompanied our most recent crises in public health and racial injustice.

Special Thank You

Thank you to members who contributed their time, expertise, and ideas to implement trauma-informed supports in 2020–2021.

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