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Summer is almost here–we made it. To say 2021-22 has been ‘interesting’ is an understatement. I hope you have an opportunity to relax and recharge this summer. As we look out to the school year, I’m writing with some very exciting news. Our team is heading into the 22-23 with new and improved roles.

We made this decision in order to align our roles and responsibilities to DCSC’s strategic plan which prioritizes membership programming and support, the expansion of the diverse-by-design movement, and our work to promote and advocate for families to have more diverse-by-design options wherever they live.

To that end, here is our new team structure:

Seon Britton will be our Program Lead. He will enrich how we support DCSC members by leading the program and evaluation design and implementation of our 3 core programs: Communities of Practice, Annual Convening, and UnifiED. Seon will ensure that DCSC provides robust and ever improving learning opportunities for leaders (and future leaders) of diverse-by-design schools to improve their practice.

Ashley Heard will be our External Relations Lead. She will drive the growth of the DbD movement by developing relationships, messages, and actions that build our membership, long term sustainability and bonds with other leaders in the field.  Ashley will own developing the UnifiED pipeline (fellows, host sites and funders), recruiting new members to join DCSC and spearheading our advocacy and communication strategy.

Dave Bryson will be our Operations Lead. He will block and tackle for the team by developing systems, managing logistics, setting membership structure and policy, and ensuring alignment between our strategy, revenue, and expenses. Dave will oversee DCSC organizational culture work to ensure we are living up to our vision and values in the way our team works.

And I have the privilege of continuing as Executive Director in shaping the Coalition’s strategic vision, leading our fundraising work, supporting this high-performing team, operationalizing DCSC’s ambitious agenda, and engaging with a wide array of stakeholders (including so many of you!) to advance our vision and ensure long term health of our work.

Three cheers for this fantastic team! We are poised to continue supporting, expanding and promoting the DbD community!

Things to be on the look out for:

  • Annual Member Meeting invites in July
  • 21-22 Communities of Practice Resources in August
  • 22-23 Communities of Practice Sign Ups in August
Please reach out with questions and thank you for the work you do everyday.


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