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The SDAG’s Report  focuses on screens and test-in programs rightly highlights that these programs “segregate students by race, class, abilities and language and perpetuate stereotypes about student potential and achievement.”

As a SDAG member I support the recommendations to eliminate exclusionary screens while creating new programs such as non-selective magnet schools to attract and educate more students. I also see the missed opportunity in omitting charter schools as part of the solution.  NYC’s charter cap eliminates an effective tool that could further inclusion.  

Charter schools draw students from across a community school district, overcoming neighborhood segregation. Admissions is based on a simple application that may be weighted towards giving the most disadvantaged students advantage. As we see in CSD15, some charters there have intentionally integrating for years. Charters are uniquely positioned to be nimble and innovative when it comes to creating schools with high levels of economic and racial diversity.


Sonia Park

Executive Director

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