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Dear DCSC Members-

Our thoughts are with you and your students, staff and families during this unsettling time. While we are not experts in disease mitigation, virtual learning or located in each geographic context of coalition schools, we want to serve our community in this time by sharing a few resources that we have found over the last few days from partners and experts.

Please let us know if they are helpful and if we can do anything else to support you during this time.

In solidarity and health,
-Amy, Ashley, Dave, Seon, Sonia


Resources on COVID-19:

  1. TNTP’s Virtual Learning Resources post.
  2. The Justice Collective’s piece on Racial and Social Justice in the time of COVID-19.
  3. Readiness and Emergency Management shared this resources on supporting continuity of learning during times like these.
  4. National School Boards shared this overview of preparing for widespread illness in your community
  5. Teaching Tolerance put out this resource on addressing racism in the context of COVID-19
  6. Shared by our friends at 4.0 Schools, the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering launched what is likely the most highly respected and highly-referenced coronavirus disease tracker thus far. Tracking the spread of the illness in real-time with data visualizations available for download.
  7. World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in the US recommendations.
  8. CDC suggestions for Employers and Schools.
  9. A paper on educational equity in the context of the virus from Ed Trust – NYC.
  10. An AP article on how to talk to kids about the virus.
  11. Instructional Partners’ recommendations on school closure best practices.
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