ESV Reflection: Brandon Johnson

As part of the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition’s UnifiED School Launch Program Fellowship, I have had the opportunity to visit schools throughout the United States. In search of an exemplar model of what it means to be a diverse and integrated community, I recently visited several  schools in Los Angeles, California. While each school was [...]

A Response to: Warren’s Education Plan Promises Billions for Low-Income Schools and Desegregation

Elizabeth Warren’s education plan contains several commendable elements: increased funding for Title I schools, a focus on enforcing anti-discrimination legislation, and a commitment to school integration which she states, “helps create a society built on mutual respect and understanding.”   We know. We see it in our members everyday.  And yet [...]

Washington Examiner: Charter schools point to new ways of racially integrating public schools

By Bruno V. Manno The racial integration or segregation of K-12 schools is again a debate topic in education circles. Today’s controversy has a new twist: casting charter schools (independently operated public schools of choice) as the main antagonist to integration, claiming they resegregate public schools. This accusation obscures how three [...]

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