March 2020 Update: A New Normal

A New Normal And just like that, the world has changed. In the midst of COVID-19, we know your needs are varied and disparate but one thing we consistently hear from members is that they value talking to each other. Our team has found meaning and connection through daily 30-minute huddles. We want to open […]

Resources on COVID-19

Dear DCSC Members- Our thoughts are with you and your students, staff and families during this unsettling time. While we are not experts in disease mitigation, virtual learning or located in each geographic context of coalition schools, we want to serve our community in this time by sharing a few resources that we have found over […]

ESV Reflection: Brandon Johnson

As part of the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition’s UnifiED School Launch Program Fellowship, I have had the opportunity to visit schools throughout the United States. In search of an exemplar model of what it means to be a diverse and integrated community, I recently visited several  schools in Los Angeles, California. While each school was [...]

A Response to: Warren’s Education Plan Promises Billions for Low-Income Schools and Desegregation

Elizabeth Warren’s education plan contains several commendable elements: increased funding for Title I schools, a focus on enforcing anti-discrimination legislation, and a commitment to school integration which she states, “helps create a society built on mutual respect and understanding.”   We know. We see it in our members everyday.  And yet [...]

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