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Executive Director Position

Valley Charter Schools invites highly qualified organizational leaders to apply for the position of Executive Director.


Valley Charter Schools (“VCS”) is a high performing network of public schools serving the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Valley Charter School was founded ten years ago by parents and educators who shared an inspired vision of creating an exceptional public school focused on academic excellence, diversity, and community.  Today, VCS consists of two schools: Valley Charter Elementary (grades K-5), with an enrollment of 276 and Valley Charter Middle, (grades 6-8), with an enrollment of 330.  The organization has a $6.6 million annual budget with over five dozen full and part time staff.  Our work is framed by the following Design Elements:

Design Element 1: We value process over product. Learning is experiential, interdisciplinary, collaborative, and relevant to students’ lives.

Design Element 2: Social emotional development and self-advocacy are the foundational principles of student learning and personal growth.

Design Element 3: We develop effective communicators who are able to connect with varied audiences.

Design Element 4: Learning is a social process accomplished through authentically collaborative work.

Design Element 5: We are committed to building intentionally diverse schools. Our core values and foundational principles are authentically realized through this diverse community.

Valley Charter School student population reflects the rich diversity of the San Fernando Valley, with parents and community members providing invaluable and consistent support to the school. We are proud of the high degree of connection between the rhetoric of our mission statement and the actual classroom practice in our schools. Through our mission to become an intentionally diverse community, Valley Charter School is becoming a national model for urban public education.


Valley Charter School is seeking a passionate, inspiring Executive Director who will build upon the schools’ success and take the organization to the “next level.” Critical success factors for the executive director include:
·      Creating a compelling vision for the future of the organization that is aligned with our mission, tradition and design elements
·      Facilitating the completion of a new site for the middle school (due to be completed in Fall 2021)
·      Building systems and networks for student recruitment in the San Fernando Valley
·      Supporting school leaders to hire, develop and retain exceptional, constructivist educators
·      Preparing the organization for future growth (additional schools and/or creation of a professional development center)


The Executive Director will supervise, evaluate and support VCS principals. The Executive Director will report directly to the Board of Directors and be responsible for fulfilling the mission of the organization and continue to build long-term sustainability. The Executive Director will be responsible for the following:

·      Developing and refining strategic goals that will guide the work at Valley Charter, including defining the organizations’ growth strategy and establishing clear benchmarks to measure progress and performance.

·      Serving as an engaging and visionary storyteller of Valley Charter’s achievements and future goals.

·      Building awareness and support by engaging with all stakeholders, including school leaders, faculty, staff, parents, charter community colleagues, current and prospective funders and strategic partners.

·      Managing complex projects including the delivery of a new school facility.

·      Developing systems for recruiting, developing, managing and retaining high-quality personnel.

·      Ensuring operational integrity including compliance with all applicable laws, regulatory reporting, contractual obligations, and successful charter renewals.
·      Overseeing the fiscal health of the organization for effective operation and long-terms sustainability.

·      Supporting fundraising efforts from all stakeholders.

·      Ensuring that the five VCS design elements provide the blueprint for instruction and operation at the schools.


The ideal candidate will embrace the Valley Charter mission and have extensive management experience with a record of success executing strategic priorities, assembling, leading and collaborating with a team of talented professionals, and creatively tapping a wide range of resources. The ideal candidate will have:

·      Experience and demonstrated commitment to ensure high academic achievement for diverse student communities.

·      Successful management experience with a track record of managing growth and change.

·      Ability to effectively assemble and motivate a team of professionals to achieve ambitious and measureable results.

·      Ability to develop meaningful and collegial relationships with diverse stakeholders.

·      Familiarity with Los Angeles Unified School District and the California charter community.

·      Skill to creatively seek solutions through a collaborative process.

·      A valid teaching and administrative credential.

·      Experience as a classroom teacher and administrator, working with diverse student populations and the charter school environment, is highly desirable.


The salary will be competitive based upon qualifications and experience.


Those interested in applying, please send a letter of intent and resume to Michelle Bennett –

All materials will be acknowledged and treated confidentially.

To apply for this job email your details to

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