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Alumnus Spotlight: Mallory Fiske, Detroit Prep

Heading into this year there was one word at the top of Mallory Fiske’s mind: Community.

Fresh off a year of remote learning, Mallory was preparing Detroit Prep‘s Upper School to launch with 100% in person. A brand new school. With students who had not been in a classroom in over a year.

So where did she start?

As a UnifiEd fellow last year, Mallory had the opportunity to visit 10 exemplary diverse-by-design schools. Mallory credited her visit to DCSC member Two Rivers Public Charter School as most impactful to helping her develop the community she envisioned:

  • One that demonstrated care for children and their families.
  • One that made space for students to develop a sense of empathy across lines of difference.
  • One that proactively taught conflict resolution.
  • One that made their space match their vision and values.
Because of my Excellent School Visit to Two Rivers, I was able to take concrete steps toward building the culture and community Detroit Prep needed in our new Upper School. They shared intentional structures which are helping our students build their leadership skills while also helping them contribute to a positive learning community at a diverse-by-design school.
Through the work of alumni of our UnifiED fellowship such as Mallory and others across the country, DCSC will continue to show the CareCourage, and Commitment that is needed for the work of expanding the diverse-by-design movement as we grow new schools to disrupt the status quo.
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