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I hail from Washington, D.C. and am a Walton K-12 UNCF Fellow interning with the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition. As a rising senior at Virginia State University, I am involved in many things. I am a member and chair of the social action committee for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated and also the Chief of Staff for the Student Government Association. Majoring in criminal justice with a minor in political science, I have always been extremely passionate about issues related to education reform, policy, and social justice. Education reform is the single most important direction this country needs to take. Education is the foundation for the advancement of society. I truly believe in the quote said by the late great Malcolm X: “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” 

Working at the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition was an amazing experience. I realized throughout my time how I could make an impact on a small organization. With everything I contributed – whether it be my work or input – I felt I truly made a difference and left a lasting impact on the organization, as well as my footprint in education reform. I began to see exactly who the organization was impacting by visiting schools in our network and meeting and speaking to some of the administrators, parents, and children who attend and work at these schools. I learned more about the demographics of the neighboring areas of member schools, which speaks to the foundation of what the Diverse Charter School Coalition focuses on, which is diversity. I was introduced to the process of starting and funding a charter school per the resources given to UnifiED fellows. Another amazing aspect of this internship was the opportunity to discuss educational issues. Through lectures at events and a seminar I attended on behalf of the Coalition, I was exposed to important current and historical trends in the education system. The chance to discuss these issues was extremely impactful. 

While I am relatively inexperienced, I was able to share my background and educational philosophies with experienced education professionals. Having a constructive space to share my thoughts allowed me to reflect on my personal experiences in the classroom. Overall, my experience at DCSC has been a unique one. Working with a virtual team, I was able to connect with education professionals from across the country that share my passion, which has been empowering. I believe that education is a human right and having access to the best education should be included in this so that everybody has the chance to live out the American dream.

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