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Break Free from Silos

Collective learning opens up possibilities for practitioners committed to education equity. Research on this format of learning compares a CoP to a group of artists discussing avant garde painting styles or engineers across departments debugging a common flaw. Rather than honing your craft in a lonely silo, DCSC’s Community of Practice offers a chance to make connections across the vast expertise among our member schools and networks through learning groups centered on a common problem of practice.

Each Community of Practice meets for a total of 10 hours across 7 months (December-June). There will be 6 monthly hour-long virtual sessions and a 4 hour in-person deep dive before our Annual Convening in Washington, D.C.

Read more about how CoP models can broaden our shared impact and sign up for a CoP below.

Sign up for a Community of Practice by November 8th

“I am most excited to participate in the CoP because I am eager to collaborate with others in providing equitable outcomes for the students we serve. Joining a CoP will provide me with the network, tools, and knowledge to strengthen my reach and impact at my school and hopefully the wider community.”

                                                                                                               Merisha Leak, Director of Outreach
                                                                                                                                          Charlotte Lab School


2020 Annual Convening

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Submit a Breakout Session Proposal by November 14th

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Member Highlight
Robert Burke, Executive Director
Valley Charter Elementary School

What is unique about your membership to DCSC?
I am very particular about organizations I commit to. I spent several years searching for an organization that brought together like-minded educators around issues of diversity, beyond structural diversity. DCSC is the one outside organization I’m fully committed to because of their effort and dedication to the work. The group has proven to be invaluable for those of us who want to build a nationwide network and share best practices with others. Often times one can feel like an island (particularly in LA) and I depend on the coalition for support.

Why are you ready to participate in a more formal member dues program with DCSC?
You have to have skin in the game to stay in the game (Sorry – I had to work in Hamilton lyrics somehow!)

UnifiED fellows participated in their first of three Excellent School Visits earlier this month. We kicked off our time in Los Angeles by having dinner with DCSC’s board. The next day, we attended professional development at City Charter and worked with our leadership consultant from Becoming Better Together. On day two, we toured three of the Larchmont Charter schools and concluded the day with a regional reception. One day three, Fellows went to Citizens of the World, Hollywood and concluded their trip with deep dive visits to City Charter and Valley Charter.

To learn more about our time in Los Angeles, read the blog post from UnifiED fellow, Brandon Johnson, founding principal of the Social Justice School.


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Independent Charter School Symposium

Dave will be presenting with Richard Lee of Academy of the City (Queens, NY) and Raul Alarcon of City Language Immersion School (Los Angeles, CA)


The 74: Amid Fierce Debate About Integrating New York City Schools, a Diverse-by-Design Brooklyn Charter Offers a Model


Looking for Aspiring Teachers – Summit Learning Teacher Residency

Education Fellow and Director, School Diversity Collaborative – The Century Foundation


Like and share: “DCSC’s Response to Warren Education Plan”


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