Helping create diverse public charter schools through research, advocacy, and outreach.
We’re a Coalition of charter schools that have racially, culturally and socioeconomically diverse student populations.

Charter schools can contribute to solving the historic challenge of integrating our public school system.

Diverse Charter Schools Coalition
Diverse Charter Schools Coalition


The Diverse Charter Schools Coalition connects members with each other and with outside resources to help improve their practice.

Diverse Charter Schools Coalition
Diverse Charter Schools Coalition


We support research on the impact of diversity on the academic and social outcomes of students attending similarly diverse schools across the nation.

Diverse Charter Schools Coalition


We advocate that government and philanthropic support incentivizes demographic diversity in public schools.

 our approach

We encourage public schools to embody American diversity while preparing students to pursue higher education, meaningful work, and an equal role in our democracy.

Photo: Baltimore Montessori Charter School

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  • This should be shocking but it isn't: There were more than 66,000 NY students in 16-17 suspended, an average of at… 3 days ago
  •  @rhaessig  Gives us the gift of diversity data in KC! Thanks for the knowledge #settheschoolsfree  @CWCKansasCity 4 days ago
  • RT  @brklynprospect : This year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary of building intentionally integrated, diverse by design learning communitie… 4 days ago

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October 2018 Update

Thanks to all who joined us in Kansas City for our Kansas City Regional Meeting!  Over 30 colleagues, partners and friends came together on October 19th.  We had the privilege to visit and learn [...]

Blackstone Valley Prep

Blackstone Valley Prep (BVP) Mayoral Academy is a growing network of tuition-free public charter schools in northern Rhode Island serving 1,800 scholars in grades [...]

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