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The time is now. Our country, including its education system, has faced so many challenges this year and the upcoming presidential election will be a critical turning point. Many of us have the opportunity to influence the outcome of this presidential election and what it may mean for our students, families, and communities by using our superpower  our superpower of voting.

We also must recognize that not everyone has the opportunity to vote early, vote by mail, or vote at all.  Voter suppression is happening. Our political system mirrors our education system in that systemic barriers are in place to act as deterrents and roadblocks for working parents, the elderly, the formerly incarcerated, undocumented communities and those without the ability to stand in line for hours to exercise their right to vote.

This is our time to make a difference nationally and locally. Whether you are focusing on an issue or an entire platform, please vote. Use your superpower. Our votes matter, our voices matter, and we matter.

  Early voting information by state

  What’s on your ballot?

  Who’s on your ballot?

  #ChartersWork campaign

2021 Virtual Convening

Submit a Proposal to Facilitate a Session!

Our RFP is now open and accepting proposals for workshop sessions under this year’s strands:

  • Academics: Teach and learn with all students while rejecting traditional, oppressive frameworks
  • Operations: Build systems and tools that care for the human needs of our schools
  • Culture: Affirm sense of belonging among all our true authentic selves
  • Community: Foster sustaining relationships with external stakeholders and uplift grassroots expertise

We strongly encourage staff at DCSC member schools to submit as well as external organizations. We also strongly encourage proposals from BIPOC and other traditionally marginalized voices.

Deadline to submit is November 11th.

Read more details in our RFP.

2020-2021 DCSC Board of Directors

DCSC is pleased to welcome two new members to join our Board of Directors!

Derrick Johnson will serve from Washington, D.C. where he is the founder of Edustory, a national nonprofit that highlights Black, Latino, and Native American education entrepreneurs’ stories and collective impact.

Ron Rice will also serve from Washington, D.C. where he is currently the Senior Director of Government Relations with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

DCSC sends heartfelt gratitude to our outgoing members of the board, Deborah McGriff and Rob Reed, who have both served on the board since 2014.

You can learn more about all of our current board members on our website.

Derrick Johnson
Ron Rice

UnifiED and Explorer Informational Webinar

We recently hosted our first informational webinar for our UnifiED programs for the 2021-2022 school year. Information was given on both the UnifiED Fellowship, which provides a year-long residency for future school leaders, and our Explorer program, which is a part-time opportunity for candidates to learn more about intentionally integrated schools.

Our next informational webinar is today October 29, 5pm CST! Join to learn more about UnifiED and invite those who want to learn more about leading an intentionally integrated school.

Check out DCSC online!

Nov 16-20: 2020 Independent Charter School Virtual Conference
Our ED, Sonia Park, will be sitting on a panel Nov. 16 at 11:30am EST!

Valor Collegiate Academies (Nashville, TN):
Middle School Teacher – Special Education Life Skills

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What’s happening at DCSC

The 9th Annual Progressive Education Summit
Baltimore, MD
This event is hosted by DCSC Member, City Neighbors Charter School!

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Profiles of Leaders of Color

Kriste Dragon from Citizens of the World is featured in this report!

Like and share: “Charter Leaders of Color Matter
Richard Lee from Academy of the City Charter School is featured!

Have something to share, like an upcoming event, conference, or project? Forward information to and we’ll include it in our next month’s update!

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