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Even as schools are meeting the challenges of how to teach during a pandemic, DCSC members continue to keep equity at the center of their work by creating and sustaining school cultures and environments that embrace all students. School leaders have to listen to the voices that matter – of students and parents, in order to provide the support that is needed. As Jessica Tunney at TLC Charter School, a DCSC member, says:

It’s challenging to think about distance learning when there are so many barriers outside of school that stop children from succeeding. As a school, we need to think about our students…and stay committed to supporting our students and community.

Staying committed to equity right now is not easy. It requires courage, optimism, and a community. We know DCSC members can find inspiration to meet the moment in each other and in the Coalition. Based on our conversations with members over the summer, we heard that one of the most valued components of being part of the Coalition is the opportunity to speak and share practices with peers. In response, we invite any staff from our member schools to join us for our Back To School Conversation facilitated by TLC Charter School on September 29th. You can find more information here and DCSC members can register for the conversation below:

At all times, and especially now, let us stay committed to supporting our students, families, communities and one another.

2021 Virtual Convening

We’re Going Virtual!

Based on feedback from DCSC members and guidance from this year’s planning committee around the impact of COVID-19, the DCSC 2021 Annual Convening will be virtual. We’re excited to share with you our keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and other activities over the next few months. Be sure to visit our website for continued updates including information on registration.

Registration opens in December

LAST CHANCE to join Communities of Practice!

Calling all DCSC members seeking to improve justice in education – we’ve highlighted our newest Communities of Practice offerings over the summer before they launch next month!

Participant sign-ups close on October 2, so don’t miss out!

Cohort Two Updates

Alex Baron (E.L. Haynes, DC) started his second year at E.L. Haynes as Assistant Principal. Among other things, Alex will lead the work to align the schools’ curriculum and scope and sequence across elementary, middle, and high school.

Brandon Johnson (The Social Justice School, DC) successfully launched his school this month. Check out their Instagram for first day of school photos.

Genevieve Backer (Atlas Public School, St. Louis) has been authorized and is approved to open Fall 2021. Check out their pilot impact report!

Phillip Hon (Unbound Stockton, Stockton) was accepted into the Building Excellent Schools Fellowship and will spend the 2020-2021 school year continuing to work on his school plan. He plans to submit his charter application for authorization this fall.

Check out DCSC online!

Equity in Action Committee Parent Teacher Group: Equity in Pandemic Schooling

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What’s happening at DCSC

The 9th Annual Progressive Education Summit
Baltimore, MD
This event is hosted by DCSC Member, City Neighbors Charter School!

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Profiles of Leaders of Color

Kriste Dragon from Citizens of the World is featured in this report!

Like and share: “Charter Leaders of Color Matter
Richard Lee from Academy of the City Charter School is featured!

Have something to share, like an upcoming event, conference, or project? Forward information to and we’ll include it in our next month’s update!

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